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Treating Fibromyalgia at Henley Chiropractic


Dr. Henley takes the whole patient approach when she advises the patient, about fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia patients are often those with complicated and difficult history of unexplained pain and illnesses. These syndromes of pain and fatigue are often poorly understood by the medical profession. The primary sufferers of these disorders are primarily women. The conventional treatment for this syndrome is often pain killers and anti depressants. From a wholestic view point. this condition best responds to a combination of alternative methods. The "Whole Patient" approach presents an opportunity for the health to be restored to the whole patient not just to the body. We assist and encourage the patient to take an active role in the healing process.

Fibromyalgia is a result of a combination of :

(1) Nutritional deficiencies, acquired toxicity from environment, food, dental amalgams, dental infections, and/or drugs (2) Structural imbalances: poor stress coping abilities: acquired systemic infections, often due to use of antibiotics causing candidiasis and parasite overgrowth (3) A vicious cycle of lowered immune function, allergy, further infection and depleted energy reserves. Fibromyalgia is never caused by one thing alone and no two people are exactly alike, or have the same causal factors.


To diagnose and to treat fibromyalgia, Dr. Henley begins with the patient with a comprehensive history and examination and evaluation using Applied Kinesiology, also known as "muscle testing". Dr. Henley determines whether the infectious burden may be candidiasis, virus, parasites or other infections.

Dr. Henley uses an array of various techniques to successfully rid and treat the burden on the immune system. Focusing on the immune function is more beneficial than the focus of the virus or invader that caused the problem. Detoxifyingthe body- The accumulation of toxins in the body creates a burden on the immune system. These toxins need to be removed from the body before the immune system is to be restored to health. To do this nutritional and herbal supplements can aide in detoxification of the various organ system as well as dietary changes. Detoxification can further be encouraged by a series of detoxification foot baths offered in the office.

Factors that are related to Fibromyalgia

Under active thyroid gland - Hypothyroidism is often not diagnosed using conventional evaluation. Hypothyroidism is frequently related to fibromyalgia and is often an underlying cause of Fibromyalgia. Natural substances are recommended to support and heal the thyroid.

Enzyme deficiency - Enzyme deficiency often causes numerous problems in the gastrointestinal system and eventually to the immune system. Enzyme supplements can aide in restoring the normal balance of the intestinal tract

Underlying allergies- Hidden allergies are often not perceived by conventional allergy testing and are often related to intestinal imbalances and can perpetuate fibroymalgia. Allergies can be greatly decreased or eliminated by the (allergy / sensitivity elimination and reprogramming technique) or A/SERT testing and treatment that is offered by Dr. Henley.

Loose ligaments- The function of the ligaments is to hold bone to bone together at all the joints, and if they are not doing their job then multiple tender points will develop around the main supportive structural system (see diagram for the diagnostic tender points of fibromyalgia). The muscles will overwork and develop spasm and pain. This can also cause multiple joint pains often associated with popping or noisy joints as well as frequent injuries. Nutrition and acupuncture (energetic) treatments can restore the integrity of the ligaments. It is then that structural treatments will hold and begin to be affective (the chiropractic treatment that doesnft hold, this is usually the cause)

Nutritional deficiencies weaken the immune system- Inadequate diet, Enzyme deficiencies, stress and daily lifestyles cause numerous deficiencies. Through muscle testing, hair and blood testing these can be determined and corrected. Various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and other essential elements the immune system can be bolster to give the body strength to begin healing itself.

Lack of energy - Often fatigue is so severe that one does not have the energy, willpower or desire to make changes in their life that they know they need to get well. Acupuncture can restore the energetic balance to the body speeding recovery. While breaking the pain reflex it gives the body energy to heal and to make the necessary changes needed to a full recovery.

Herbal medicine - A variety of herbs can assist in treatment by addressing the underlying cause as well as providing natural non toxic symptomatic relief.

Hormonal issues - Often womenfs hormones play havoc on ones body and can be an underlying cause of many symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. Through muscle testing and saliva testing deficiencies can be determined and natural hormone and supplements can restore the normal balance within the body.

Sleep disorders - Lack of proper sleep can deplete the adrenal gland and interfere with the rejuvenation cycle to the body. Though use of natural supplements the sleep can often be restored, allowing the body to heal and repair.

Adrenal insufficiency - Due to chronic pain and stressful lifestyles ones adrenal system can become depleted. With proper functioning of the adrenals, energy and stamina.

Heavy metal toxicity - Dental amalgams can be the number one source of heavy metal toxicity in our body, through supplemental nutrition and detoxification the burden these places on the body can be decreased, aiding in the recovery to normal health.

Poor Ph levels - If the body is to acid it becomes an opportunist host for a variety of issues such as increased virus, fungus and parasitic conditions. Through proper diet and treatment this can be adjusted to normal healthy levels, thereby eliminating the environment for these things to flourish.

Healing the psychological aspect of fibromyalgia - One needs to learn the lessons of the disease in order not to repeat the emotional, pychological and lifestyle patterns which contributed to the illness. Thorough Bach flower remedies, emotional release techniques, guided visualization, energy techniques, counseling to resolve the emotional patterns will assist in healing faster, and on a more permanent basis

All these things are carefully evaluated when a patient comes to Doctor Henley for treatment. A plan of action is recommended. Though the patients input and budget allowances testing can be minimized or maximized and a treatment plan worked up that will meet each individual patients needs.